Talking About Tox - Interview with Holly Rudel

February 1, 2022
Holly Rudel

Safe drinking water is fundamentally a scientific problem. We have self-driving cars, but we don’t have safe drinking water? We need water treatment options that are sustainable in every sense of the word and this is a problem that can be solved! Watch our interview with Holly Rudel, a doctoral student and trainee in the Environmental Engineering program at Yale University, working on Project 4 with Dr. Julie Zimmerman. Holly is part of the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, and she works on exploring the correlation between structure and function and how they influence the absorption efficiency of nano-metal oxides, with the goal of developing an inexpensive, local point-of-use filtration option. Hear how Holly went from working at an environmental health nonprofit focused on drinking water and outreach in local Maine communities to chemistry and engineering researcher!
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