The MEMCARE-SRC biomedical and environmental engineering research projects aim to understand and mitigate the effects of exposure to metals and metal mixtures on late-life cognitive health.

Project 1

Early life metal exposure and cognitive aging

Project 1 uses innovative approaches to assess early-life exposures and late-life cognitive function in a unique population of older adults who donated baby teeth when they were children.

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Project 2

Effects of metal exposures on brain extracellular vesicle (EV) microRNA

Project 2 investigates basic biological mechanisms underlying the effects of early-life metal exposures on the brain using both in vitro and in vivo approaches.

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Project 3

Modeling spatial patterns of drinking water contamination in the US

Project 3 examines the role of surface and groundwater treatment systems in spatial and temporal patterns of metals contamination in water across the US, including Superfund sites.

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Project 4

Designing highly selective sorbents for water remediation 

Project 4 is developing the next generation of nanostructured adsorbents to selectively remove metals from drinking water.

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