Trainee Resources & Opportunities

MEMCARE-SRC Sponsored Opportunities

Externships and Lab Exchanges
To encourage cross-disciplinary training the RETCC supports externships across our Center. These involve trainee hands-on research experience across disciplines within and between biomedical and environmental science/engineering projects. Externships may last a week or longer and activities will range from trainee shadowing researchers to performing experiments or designing and implementing data analyses. Externships may be at the trainee's institution or may require travel.  All SRC trainees are strongly encouraged to participate in at least 1 externship experience during their SRC training. For information contact Susan Korrick.

Scientific Practicums
Also designed to provide interdisciplinary research experiences are our scientific practicums, which are short-term (1-2 days) externships with our SRP collaborators at institutions where we do not have trainees, including the EPA, our community partners, or other Superfund Research Centers. Trainees are encouraged to participate in at least one of these practicums during their training. For information contact Susan Korrick.

Data Science Training
Data science training is a core competency of our RETCC. Our DMAC faculty work with trainees on their individual projects to promote understanding of the biostatistical methods, analyses, and data visualization/presentation applicable to their specific research. Contact Brent Coull or Xihong Lin.
Trainees are encouraged to take the on-line HarvardX course co-developed by our DMAC Leads (Drs. Coull, Lin) and others, “Principles of Statistical and Computational Tools for Reproducible Science”. This course addresses principles and techniques for implementing reproducible research – a core data science skill with multiple applications, including big data analyses which are increasingly common in environmental science. The RETCC is working with DMAC to develop new modules for this course focused specifically on environmental health and engineering research.

The Center holds monthly Work-in-Progress seminars where trainees can present their ongoing research to their peers and faculty in a supportive and constructive environment. 

Community Engagement and Research Translation Opportunities
Trainees work with the Community Engagement Core and Research Translation Coordinator to create social media infographics, Storymaps (through ArcGIS Online), short informational materials and blog posts - based trainee interests and community feedback - that communicate exposure information and recommendations for protecting oneself from exposures, or explain research topics for non-scientist audiences. Contact Tamara James-Todd, Kathy James or Trina von Stackelberg.


SRP/NIEHS Sponsored Opportunities & Resources

Student/Postdoc/Alumni Network (SPAN) Leadership Committee
The SPAN Leadership Committee is a small group of SRP trainees (students, postdocs, and alumni) who meet a few times a year to provide input for SRP's efforts to augment trainee interactions and networking.

KC Donnelly Externship Program
This program provides supplemental funding to current trainees for translational/transdisciplinary experiences within other SRP-funded grants, government laboratories (EPA, ATSDR, NIEHS), or other agencies (state, local, Tribal).

Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award
The recipient of the Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award receives support to one major scientific conference, in addition to travel funds to attend the Superfund Research Program Annual Meeting where the awardee is invited to present their research. The recipient is also invited to present their research at NIEHS and to meet with staff and to learn about NIEHS. Nominations are accepted (July 1-Aug 1) from scientists directing projects funded by the SRP.

SRP Annual Meeting and Trainee Poster Competition
The SRP Annual Meeting includes a poster session and competition to highlight cutting-edge science by SRP trainees. Winners are selected in each of two categories, "Health Sciences" and "Environmental Science & Engineering". Details available prior to SRP Annual Meeting. The MEMCARE-SRC has funding for four trainees to attend the Annual Meeting and participate in the competition.

NIEHS Superfund Research Program Trainees LinkedIn Group
LinkedIn group for current SPR trainees and alumni.

SRP's Opportunities for Trainees webpage
Information about career advancement, funding and employment opportunities.

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Other Resources

Human Health Exposure and Analysis Resource (HHEAR)
The HHEAR Program provides health researchers access to laboratory and data analysis services at no cost to the investigator, to add assessment of environmental exposures to their research or to expand their assessments.